Artefact: Botticelli – Virgin adoring the child with the young St. John

I chose this painting from The national museum Cardiff.

Why did I choose this? – With interests I am drawn to classical costume and drapery in painting but also in a theatrical way. I am interested in narrative in a painting, for example the way a painting/drawing (image) tells a story which could be personal of officially historic to a time period. I am interested in figurative work as figures bring a sense of emotive pleasures, and feel more in contact with the image as if it is personal to each viewer. This artefact uses a religious theme which I am also intruiged by – culture and faith.

This image shows a glorifcation of the bible stories, as the warm colours like pale yellows and oranges for the hills as a landscape. The landscape is tranquil and natural stone and trees show behind the characters. This painting stood out to me because of it’s round shape, known as ‘Tondo’ which is an Italian word: a birth tray is round also, which was given to new mother’s for baby gifts – which explains it’s link to femininity.

Botticelli, Sandro, 1444/1445-1510; Virgin Adoring the Child with the Young Saint John
Botticelli, Sandro; Virgin Adoring the Child with the Young Saint John; Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales;

My first artefact, subject

The artefact I chose was –

  • Botticelli – Virgin Adoring the child with the young St. John, 1500. Oil on panel.

and also a second as I was torn between the two –

  • Gerbrand van den Eekhout – The Adoration of the Shepherds, 1665.