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Field influences on subject, art and conc

Art and conscious mind. This was around the theories and ideologies about the mind – and one’s consciousness – in the body or outside of the body? These had influences on my work in subject – because I was relating my presentation about DAMASIO’s theories – along with the ideas around ghosts and spirits, the non-living person and what happens to the consciousness when a person dies…. this has associations to the paintings – darkness and hauntings.

How did it link in with the field modules?

Furthermore, the constellation and the field module which was ‘art the conscious mind’ related to one another; and gave me wider depth of the subjects. An example of this is that (from constellation), “it was more about understanding God, other than just believing in him” (lecture, 20/10/16). And (from field, art and conscious mind) which led me to think about ‘two-self’s’ (from Damasio) and the theory of ‘extensionism’ and mindfulness, and enquiries on the lines of: “how do we illustrate the non-visual?”…The field module explored issues such as ‘Do I feel more self aware?’ and was a lot about SELF AWARENESS. Similarly, the constellation series questioned the self and the self became more independent during the Mannerist period; people wanted more sense and logic, instead of feelings of just religious faith: The 16th Century used intellect and power. Here, during this period of art and intellectual depth, the artists and professors such as Michelangelo and Rosso Fiorentino may have been experiencing this deeper sense of self-awareness.

At first, I made these surrealist landscapes/abstract paintings, which could be seen as a collection of paint or a sky or unusual, blurred landscape.


doc ; tree

The tree sketch was drawn from the Southerndown Trip last Tuesday.

I had not drawn in a while, so I was interested in sitting down and spending a long time on this tree. I liked this tree because it had dark caves in between the branches. There is mostly, always a tree that stands out in every landscape painting before this sketch, so maybe I was drawn to it because of that.

I left the sketch alone, and wanted to see if I could paint from it.

I thought about installation here and in the future e.g. next year, making stage sets and murals/ which would be the paintings – and other smaller paintings that would be props – like the tree here.

Field – subject inspirations from the field projects

Public spaces – understood more about developing a public art work such as making design sheets; displaying and talking doing a presentations- confidence about my work and talking about work; using and developing skills on Photoshop, the use of CAD equipment and making sample models; being considerate about other’s beliefs/the public’s opinion especially in the church; considering architectural issues and designs of the building. The work was site specific so I had to be aware of what the cathedral was and how it linked into what my work was going to be of: for example; what materials would I use and how would this reflect or effect the site itself? This field project therefore made me be more thoughtful about materials I use. As an example –  how does using teared up paper relate to the subject and context of the work. 20161123_175718I was allowed to explore with other materials such as silk and dyes – allowing and exploring the way colours can be layered.

The project has given me some skills on how to use my art outside of the university, and how to transfer my art skills in another environment and for a future career.

The last field project in February was Art and conscious mind. This was around the theories and ideologies about the mind – and one’s consciousness – in the body or outside of the body? These had influences on my work in subject – because I was relating my presentation about DAMASIO’s theories – along with the ideas around ghosts and spirits, the non-living person and what happens to the consciousness when a person dies…. this has associations to the paintings – darkness and hauntings.

Ideas around meditation and the mind also were a part of this field module from this certain project, along with unknown forces unknown to the mind – such as aliens and ghosts or demons; such as Madge Gill and Guo Fengi; these ideas can be transported and seen in some Hieronymus Bosch paintings. These outside forces can be seen in some of my paintings; about the after life and the dark, cavey and sparse landscapes that could be hell or heaven-like environments .

Therefore, both of the field projects have seen some influence on my subject paintings and the ideas of them. One of these being from the Cathedral at Llandaff relating to meditation and religious themes, the afterlife and a spiritutal place. Perhaps my paintings relate to a spiritual place.

The second point being that being taken from Art and the concious mind, that related to philosophy and psychology, as well as unknown forces and the mind which we are unaware of.

Exhibiting work at the Welcome House …reflection

20170429_113837Because this was a temporary, fast exhibition, there allowed a sense of it feeling derelict – there links in with my paintings I decided to show.

20170429_113846The decisions behind these paintings were decided on the day. I brought along a selection of paintings, that I was going to display as a set.

The paintings deficit a house, or several buildings that are old buildings. Perhaps with thatch roofs. These houses, and the land painted between them, try and provoke the mysteriousness, fantasy and the dark such as haunted, murderous, scary, fearful. This felt as if the paintings reflected the environment of the house; the house itself was a derelict/unused former hostel so it already had the cold, un-familiar feeling to it.

How does this reflect my ideas in my dissertation?
Satire – Eminem’s music (in which the dissertation was hip hop vs. Renaissance Art) has a lot of dark themes, include topics such as dysfunctional families, gore/horrorcore, death, illness, violence, deformities – however there is an exaggeration here and he uses humour , “what she tripped, fell landed on his dick?” – sarcasm (Guilty Conscious) – e.g. added sounds like burping, high pitched screams, dogs barking (e.g. Kill you, The Real Slim Shady) – also the beat/instrumentals are mid-high pitch as if it could be used in a nursery rhyme. In the videos, for example, let’s take Role Model and White America, he dresses up as the priest (dressing up being fun and playful) and the WA video, uses animation/cartoon to, ironically, talk about major political issues in America after 9/11. This use of satire comes in to my paintings.

Listen to Eminem’s ‘3 a.m.’ taken from Relapse album 2008. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAuo8IOFNuE


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