Field influences on subject, art and conc

Art and conscious mind. This was around the theories and ideologies about the mind – and one’s consciousness – in the body or outside of the body? These had influences on my work in subject – because I was relating my presentation about DAMASIO’s theories – along with the ideas around ghosts and spirits, the non-living person and what happens to the consciousness when a person dies…. this has associations to the paintings – darkness and hauntings.

How did it link in with the field modules?

Furthermore, the constellation and the field module which was ‘art the conscious mind’ related to one another; and gave me wider depth of the subjects. An example of this is that (from constellation), “it was more about understanding God, other than just believing in him” (lecture, 20/10/16). And (from field, art and conscious mind) which led me to think about ‘two-self’s’ (from Damasio) and the theory of ‘extensionism’ and mindfulness, and enquiries on the lines of: “how do we illustrate the non-visual?”…The field module explored issues such as ‘Do I feel more self aware?’ and was a lot about SELF AWARENESS. Similarly, the constellation series questioned the self and the self became more independent during the Mannerist period; people wanted more sense and logic, instead of feelings of just religious faith: The 16th Century used intellect and power. Here, during this period of art and intellectual depth, the artists and professors such as Michelangelo and Rosso Fiorentino may have been experiencing this deeper sense of self-awareness.

At first, I made these surrealist landscapes/abstract paintings, which could be seen as a collection of paint or a sky or unusual, blurred landscape.


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