about the paintings in May

After the Welcome House exhibition, it was time to start painting and working at home/in the house because we left the studios for the year. I felt I could get into the painting more and I did lots of work at home because it was quiet and convenient. However, I would have liked to have worked larger scale, and this would be difficult to carry out at the house – whereas the studios I could work much bigger and messier.

The day after 22nd May, I felt there was a big weight and there was a lot of sad news close to home (considering the Manchester attacks on 22nd May). This made me feel determined and motivated to create art and perhaps more peaceful environments that I was going to paint that specific day; my method of painting changed slightly, it was lighter and less dark – yet still mysterious. The painting I am relating to especially is —— with stoned pillars that could reflect an ancient landscape from the Roman or Greek period. These pillars could suggest the gates to an afterlife: the viewer is standing in the present day, and beyond is the afterlife.



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